Quotes that you need to hear when facing hard times

Every year we hope for a better year than the last one just because we do not like to suffer and to be unhappy. But think about it, all that is happening now will change inevitably. 

Even if the misery has lasted for years and you just think that your whole life is wrong. You should see the positive about it. everything has a purpose of happening. Every person on this planet is meant to suffer to be molded and to be built for something bigger in the future. 

Sadly enough, there are people that do not see the struggles as a sign of something greater happening to them in the future. They completely shut down, worsen their bad habits and end up in what I call the loop from hell. 

I have been there too, and everybody has. But after a time of realizing that after a period of bad times comes a great opportunity, I got it. it all made sense. The bad days were to not only make me stronger but also teach me about what mistakes I should not make when that great opportunity hits.

You might roll your eyes at this and not see it as relatable but lets take the most common example. I was on the verge of becoming homeless some months ago. No purpose and I had no idea what I was doing with my life. 

My mom was in jail, my dad had kicked me out and my boyfriend had cheated on me. I was barely 19. I was hungry and only ate leftovers some of my friends offered me. I was not understanding why I had ended up like that. 

I thought my life had come to an end. But instead of giving up I kicked life in the face. You are thinking about how I did that? Well, the only way was and always will be CHANGE. 

Changing my mentality and the reality that surrounded me just woke me up. It made me realize that I had millions of opportunities in front of me. In my case, the problem I swore to fix first was the lack of money. 

So I worked hard and studied financial literature from the internet. I saw that taking a risk in opening a business was the best choice. How I did this? 

I left my low paying job and started to learn new high-income skills that not only gave the ability to live in much better conditions but also helped me get started with my first business. Now I am living in the ‘better days’. 

So the thing that I am saying here is that the bad days are not going to last forever, they are happening because life is trying to teach you a lesson. And the lesson will be learned only with a positive change coming from YOU.