Tell your mother you love her because you never know when it will be the last time that you say it

When it comes to mothers we always will have that connection with them coming from deep in our soul. They are the ones who suffer when you are having a bad day or if something bad happened to you. 

They are the ones that always start shaking in fear when you have a health issue and have to undergo surgery. It is them that have never complained about their hardships in life and handled it like a champion by just smiling in front of you and your siblings. 

She is just the strongest woman you have ever seen in this world and probably the only one you will ever see. But life for all of us is limited as we know. And I know that we try to avoid at all cost the loss of our mother because we cannot handle even the pain of the thought of her not being there to show how much she cares. We just start tearing up and get bad chest pain. 

But see as we grow up, we find a partner, follow a career and our time of having contact with her gets even smaller due to the lack of time we have. though her mind is constantly on our wellbeing and if we are all right. 

Her heart is always with us until her last breath. That is why it is very important to call her once a day to ask her what she is doing and that you love her because you never know the last time she will hear those words from you. 

I know that this is a very emotional topic that just warms any child’s heart. Even if you have years without talking to your mother because you have faught, or she does not accept your life decisions, still if you are reading this take the next minutes of your day to talk to her. 

Tell her that you are all right and everything is okay, ask her how she feels and how she is doing, try to meet her up, try to give her a special gift she could hold on all the time, tell her that you care and how you love her more than anything in this world.

You have no idea how much if a difference you will make in her day. you will just motivate her to live, you will give her a purpose. 

So whoever you are, take the next minutes to tell your mother how much you love and care about her.