Super Bowl Commercial, Sam Elliot in a Mustache Performs ‘Old Town Road’.

Old Town Road has become now a classic hit even though I was released not further than one year ago. This song created by Lil Nas X has amazed everyone from young to old and it has been mixed and remixed so many times and in so many different versions. The song has a very catchy hook that it just makes you sing along and some people even dance to it like crazy. It is just the effect of the hit that Lil Nas X has created. 

But now Old Town Road is coming back in a very original and beautiful way. It is being performed as a Super Bowl commercial and the actor chosen for this act is Sam Elliot. The famous actor who has performed also at the movie, The Ghost Rider with Nicolas Cage is the perfect choice for this commercial. Because Sam has that typical mustache that fits the role of the man from South America who loves country music and guns duel. But this duel is coming this time in a different way and the adversary of Sam is no one else but Lil Nas X. The two must defeat each other in dance moves. 

A second review of the business discharged by Doritos shows Elliot and Lil Nas going head to head in a moving duel. “Make your turn, cowboy,” Elliot says before Lil Nas breaks out into moving. Elliot’s popular mustache likewise breaks out a move as it squirms over his face. The move number continues forever before Elliot yields to Lil Nas’ moves.

The two keep battling with moves back and forth until Lil Nas finally makes a spectacular move on top of a horse as the horse also is dancing to the beat. That is when Sam finally realizes that he must accept the defeat like a man. The end of the commercial shows Billy Cyrus playing the guitar and saying that he has no intention of dancing.