Aldi’s Bargain Log Burner goes on sale this week

Can you hear the whistling sound of the dried leaves? Can you feel the warmth of the air around? Can you smell the pleasant scent in the atmosphere? It can only mean one thing: summer is coming. Summer, that special time of the year to be free and relax while enjoying the wonderful bliss around. The special time to hang out with friends and family, reminiscing about the moments you have shared together. The time to have a free mind of fashion: not having to dress like a snowman or the troubles of going around with an umbrella because it might rain. Many people call this time of the year, “The era of freedom”. That’s true. The period for you to be free of worries and stress is finally here. It’s summer! The time to go out to your courtyard and relax, drinking till the early hours. Am I forgetting something….? Yes, it is also time to enjoy some fine dining.

All would be great if that period is here already. We are not there yet. It’s sad, despite the warm days; the weather still gets chilly around 6pm. Does this means that our special moment is not here yet? Wait a minute; Aldi might have a solution to this. Aldi might just have something special that helps to keep the nippiness at halt while you wait for the wonderful summer ahead. Did I hear you say, “How will this be possible?” Do not worry, Aldi have just the perfect solution, with the bargain outdoor log burner, this is possible.

The Gardenline log burner has already sold out online but guess what, you will be able to get one in store from Thursday 2nd May. The reward for you is that, this burner will be perfect for keeping you warm and toasty on those chilly evenings and you can be the owner of one for just £59.99. It is made from durable steel. It measures approximately 94*82*45cm and the burner boasts a 360* view of the fire that is keeping you warm and toasty. It also features a handy log grate.

The online description says, “Make the most of your garden day and night with this Outdoor Log Burner.” Don’t you want to wave goodbyes to those nippy evenings outside and say hello to a warm and toasty place by the fire?
Durability, stylishness, a bronze finished Outdoor Wood Burner has all these qualities and it has been made with a robust steel frame which guard against any wayward flame.

This burner was a hit last year with the shoppers and many of them gave testimonies hailing its efficacy and effectiveness.
A happy customer wrote: “Such great value garden log burner, it looks great and does the job! So glad I ordered online as they flew off the shelves.”

Another person commented: “I bought this log burner a couple of weeks ago and I just love it! My family and friends are very much impressed, everyone can sit around and keep warm, just the job for those chilly nights, very much happy with my purchase, thank you Aldi for another extremely good product.”