Hero Dog Stopped Creepy Stranger From Abducting Baby

Have you ever thought about the reason why animals most especially dogs are called man’s best friend? Can animals really serve as a companion to man? How do both sides manage to maintain a mode of communication between them? Could it be that the evolution of man and animals brought about the cordial relationship between the two? I am sure that you have one time or the other heard or witness a situation whereby animals prove their undying loyalty to man and vice versa? Well, if you haven’t, I have one question for you, what have you been doing with your life? I wouldn’t argue more about that. There have been heroic stories of man and animals saving each when they need themselves the most or probably even when no one else is there for them. The story we will be looking at today is that of a hero dog who saved a baby from being abducted. That’s so touching, right? The question on everybody’s mind is that how did the dog manage to do that? Was it just a natural instinct? Or was he trained for such a situation? Well, we are all going to get answers to these questions now.

The parents of the seven month old baby said that their baby boy was saved from abduction by their family dog. The names of the parents of the infant are Jordyn Pamer and Zachary Phillips. They said that their baby boy was taken by a creepy person that broke into their house- but what this person didn’t expect was the loyalty of their dog that is named Lola. Wow, some pets deserve a medal. The couple said that they had just returned from home to their house in Rittman, Ohio, when Jordyn went to have a shower and Zachary went off to get a nap because he works nights. Their son was fastened into his car seat which was obviously not in the car; they’d brought him into the house.

On getting back from the shower, Jordyn realised that both the car seat and the baby was gone. They searched for their son for about twenty minutes after which they discovered that the baby and the car seat was in front of their porch. They said if not for the dog, the creep would have escaped with their son. Suspicions were made about a woman who has been disturbing them as regards their son claiming she is from children’s services and reports have been made against the parents. The neighbors also confirmed that a woman was frolicking around their house the day before the incident.

Although, it is not yet confirmed by the police if the woman was the one responsible, Jordyn said that she knows 100 percent in her heart that it was the woman that was responsible. All thanks to Lola because if she had not been there and reacted the way she did, the culprit would have gone with the baby. Lola deserves a medal for being a hero.