3 benefits of sleeping in a cold room.

When I moved to the Netherlands I thought that I would be away from the blazing sun of the Balkan. Unfortunately, even right now that I am writing this article, it burns like hell outside and the worst part is that I and my wife have only one small ventilator at our room. But it is enough for during the night. Before moving here, she would keep the air conditioner on at our room, at 18 degrees Celsius, and it would be literally freezing inside. I had to sleep with a big cover, during summer. But it turns out she was right and sleeping in a cold room has benefits. Here are three of them.

Falling asleep faster

A study shows that in order for a human being to fall asleep faster the body temperature must fall down to a certain level. Sleeping in a cold room helps us to fall asleep faster and in a more peaceful way. I have been having trouble sleeping this year and my mind would always race before going to sleep. But now that I remember, whenever she would turn the air conditioner on and the room would be much colder, I would fall asleep with no problems.

Aging slower

Anybody here has a fear of aging? My wife does. She scared of getting old. But now that she found out that sleeping in the cold, makes you age slower, she won’t ever turn off the air conditioner. Sleeping in a cold room can slow down your heart beats and your whole metabolism, which means that there are less free oxygen atoms going around your body and slowly destroying your cells making you age slowly.

Lose weight

Sleeping in the cold helps you burn more calories and therefore you lose weight. This is the perfect advice for those of you out there who are on a diet.