Amazon package shaped birthday cake goes viral on Facebook.

When it comes to birthday cakes there is a huge variety of shapes and ideas that people come up with. I love doing music, so if someone in my family wants to surprise me, they better get me a cake shaped like a Grammy Award. I hope my wife or my family reads this article and makes my wish come true. Anyway, a husband has been creative recently on his wife’s birthday. Since his wife is obsessed with buying things on Amazon and she always gets excited whenever she receives a package, and she receives three of them every week, he had an awesome idea, to buy her a cake that looks exactly like an Amazon package.

I mean the barcode, address, description and everything else. The package looks so original, my first thought would be to rip the cartoon and see what’s inside. That’s what his wife probably did, then she realized it is, in fact, a cake. Emily McGuire is a passionate shopper and when she first saw the package she said she laughed so hard but at the same time she was so glad that her husband knows her that well to get her one of the favorite things she likes to see every week.

After posting the photo of the cake on Facebook, pages and groups started picking it up and reposting it and now the story has gone viral. All I ever got for my birthday last year was chocolates and a joint that I smoked with my wife by the lake. But this idea was so original, it even had the Amazon Prime tape and shipping label. That’s a lucky person right there for having such a special covenant. I have mine too. She is just special in other things, like cooking me smiley face eggs when I am sad.