Making bow ties for shelter animals, a young boy gets a letter from former President Obama.

There are a lot of ways to become successful in this world. And most people think success is about money and about wealth or is about fame or whatever. It’s not. I believe success is about how many lives around you can you help? How many souls around you can you spark up? How many people around you can you touch with what you do? I hope I can touch a few ones with what I write, and if I don’t it means that I should be trying harder.

Darius Brown has touched thousands of people with the initiative that he has taken. He started having an interest in making bow ties for people. He would work here and there until he came up with a brilliant idea. He saw somewhere online that animals were being transferred from Texas near his city so he thought there is his chance to shine and prove everyone who doubted him wrong. Now he travels across the country making bow ties for animals in order to help them get adopted faster. That is very smart of him.

He doesn’t want anything in return but recognition. After all, he is doing the best he can to help those in need and not only is he helping an animal find a home, he is setting a great example for his generation and for people in general. Former President Obama got inspired by this story so he wrote Darius a letter, encouraging him to go further with his mission because God is always looking. And I am conscious that by the actions I have taken so far, I don’t deserve to be blessed by God, though I take a little blessing here and there.