13-year-old boy cries in surprise after being gifted a dog from his father that passed away

Logan is a 13-year-old boy living in Hudsonville Michigan. It’s every kid’s dream to have a dog. Just like any other kid Logan has been asking his father for a dog for years. To prove his point, when he was a young child he kept a stuffed dog with him at all times. The problem was not that his father didn’t want his son to have a dog but it was that he himself was allergic to dogs. Joe, Logan’s dad, unfortunately, was diagnosed with cancer in the year of 2011. Since then Joe had been battling melanoma cancer for roughly 9 years.

Just as the story couldn’t get any more heartbreaking Logan’s dad passed away in January 2020. It’s such a struggle for any family to be present while a parent passes away.

But before Joe passed away he had a plan for his son. He wanted to give him one final gift, which was a puppy, what Logan always wanted.

So on Logan’s 13th birthday, he was going to be surprised with a beautiful Boston terrier puppy.

When Logan first saw the puppy he did nothing much about it. He thought that his cousin called John was sending the puppy to its owner. But out of nowhere John came up to Logan and handed him the tiny puppy. He told Logan that this was a gift from his father. And he let Logan know that his father always wanted him to have a dog.

What happens next would be a heart-wrenching moment not just for Logan and his family but to everyone that watched the video of his reaction. Logan held the puppy in disbelief and as soon as he figured out that it was the last gift from his dad he started tearing up and hugging the puppy. The moment was heartwarming and tear-jerking at the same time. The video was posted on social media and it was an instant viral video.

The reaction of the 13-year-old Logan brought tears to anyone that would watch the video. It made us all understand that our parents are not always going to be there. It made us realize that we should appreciate them and we should stop what we are doing at this moment, call them or go to them and tell them that we love them very much.