100-year-old WW2 airman was honored during State of the Union

The odds that you have heard about Charles McGee on the news are high, but what is not common for people to know is who he really is and what he has done for the state. 

McGee, one of the last enduring Tuskegee Aviators praised his 100th birthday celebration toward the start of December, however that wasn’t the most energizing occasion in his life. 

On Sunday, McGee, alongside three different veterans, drew out the coin for the coin hurl at the Super Bowl. 

After two days the World War II veteran attended inside the White House. After Maryland Sen. Chris Van Hollen and Maryland Rep. Anthony Brown acquainted enactment in December with change McGee’s position, President Donald Trump elevated him to brigadier general on February fourth. 

“From the start, I would state being surprised, yet thinking back, it would have been pleasant to have had that during the time of my dynamic obligation, yet it did not occur that way,” McGee said. 

“Yet at the same time, the acknowledgement of what was cultivated, surely, I am satisfied and pleased to get that acknowledgement and ideally it will assist me with carrying on as we attempt to propel our childhood in aeronautics and space vocation openings.” 

Later that night McGee went to the Condition of the Union with his incredible grandson, Iain Lanphier. Lanphier plans to go to the Flying corps Foundation. 

McGee enrolled in the Army in October 1942 and got one of the Tuskegee Aviators. All through his 30-year profession, he flew 409 battle missions in three wars. 

Thinking about it, it takes a man great courage to be in such life-risking missions just for sacrificing for his country and people. It is not only lucky for him to have survived all of the missions but rather unbelievable to have made it to 100 years of age!

He resigned from the military in 1973 however kept filling in as a diplomat for the Tuskegee Pilots for quite a few years. McGee’s guidance for others searching for emulating his example? 

“I’d prefer to pass on what I call my four major rules — see, get ready, perform, endure — dream your fantasies however get the great instruction to achieve the wants and needs of the nation,” he said. “Continuously look for greatness and consistently give a valiant effort in things that you do. At last, don’t leave the negative conditions alone a reason for not accomplishing.”

These are words to inspire all of us to follow our dreams and do something to protect either our country or even the world. 

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