An autistic girl and her sister have a fantastic experience at a restaurant

Anna Kaye MacLean shared a fantastic story of what happened to her and her 7-year-old sister, who has autism. They were at a restaurant, and when her sister didn’t want to eat her food, the staff’s response took Anna by surprise. She had to share the story on her social media to show and to thank the staff of the restaurant the way they handled the situation.

She started off her post by saying that she, her husband, and her seven-year-old sister, visited a restaurant in Midvale, UT. When they sat down and were greeted by their waitress Lauren, Arianna, her little sister, immediately ordered her cheeseburger, french fries, and chocolate milk. Lauren didn’t even have the time to ask what they will drink before Arianna ordered what she wanted. Lauren just smiled back at Arianna and said that her chocolate milk will be on the way as quickly as possible. When their food arrived, and they all started to eat, Anna noticed something strange about Arianna. She said that usually, her little sister always would grab the cheeseburger as it was being served and would start eating it first. But this time, she was only eating her french fries and wouldn’t touch her burger. Anna asked Arianna will she ear her cheeseburger, to what Arianna replied that she didn’t want it. It was strange to Anna because she knows that cheeseburgers are her little sister’s favorite food. When she later asked why she wouldn’t eat it, Arianna replied that the cheeseburger was broken and that she wanted a new one that was fixed. Anna didn’t get it at first, but when she saw the cheeseburger more closely, she saw that it was cut in half.

Anna explained that because Arianna has autism, things like this could change the course of the whole day. Arianna has to have certain things in particular ways, so the day would go smoothly. When the waitress came back to the table to check on them, Anna asked if they could have another cheeseburger. Because Lauren didn’t know what was wrong with the one she brought, she had a confused look. Anna started to explain that Arianna has autism. In her head, she thinks that the cheeseburger is broken because it was cut in half. Anna said that it wasn’t going to be a problem and they will pay for the second cheeseburger as well, but asked if they wouldn’t cut the second one. When Lauren heard the reason. She said that it wasn’t a problem at all and turned to Arianna to tell her that she was going to take the broken cheeseburge, take it back and would bring her a brand new one. Anna was amazed that Lauren actually told Arianna what she was about to do, instead of just taking her cheeseburger. This seemed like not a big deal, but Anna has said because she told Arianna what she was about to do, they avoided Arianna getting upset about her cheeseburger. After Lauren took the cheeseburger and went to get a new one, the manager Bradley came to their table, kneeled close to Arianna, and apologized for bringing her a broken cheeseburger. He also said that they are making her a new one just the way she likes it and that this time it wasn’t going to be broken. He even said that they will bring her more French fries while she waits for her new cheeseburger.

After a while, Lauren came back with the brand new cheeseburger and put it in front of Arianna. When she walked away, Arianna just stood there looking into her new cheeseburger, and after a while, she just said that she missed it. Then all of a sudden, Arianna just started kissing the cheeseburger, and Anna began taking a few pictures. When Lauren came back to the table to check again, Anna showed the images to her, and she started smiling and laughing. She asked Anna if she could go and show the pictures to her manager. When Anna approved, she quickly went to the kitchen in the back. After a couple of minutes, she came back saying that she showed the whole staff, and everyone was laughing and smiling. The entire experience was terrific to Anna, and she said that she never imagine this kind of service. It was special because she heard from other people that in some restaurants, they would ask the people with an autistic child or family member to leave because of something like this.

Anna finished her post by saying that it was a special experience and that the staff in the restaurant were fantastic. She said that a cheeseburger cut in half to others may be normal or not a big deal, but to her and Arianna, it can be a mood swing and a ruined day. She thanks everyone at the restaurant, especially Lauren and Bradly, who was amazing with Arianna. And she hopes that she put a smile on their faces with her silly little personality.

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