Dogs just make your life happier by being your best friend

Dogs are literally a man’s best friend. I remember when my cousin’s dog died if was so hard for the family to come to accept the fact that his presence and positive energy would no longer be there. 

It is more traumatic than most people might imagine when you just come home and your dog is just lying there, lifeless. It’s a total heartbreak of its own kind. That’s is what my cousin came home to one day. 

The poor dog had just swallowed a sharp nail of some sort and had passed away in pain while no one of the family members was home. My cousin told me that all four of them stayed in separate rooms that day and would just cry for their beloved dog. 

I met that poor dog once and boy was he the best pet you can ever have. he was full of energy and always showed love. Why are dogs so loved you might ask, well:

  1. They get rid of stress

Dogs have one very special power and that is that they can sense when their owner is sad. And they will do whatever in their power to make them happy. They just come up to you and start cuddling with you out of nowhere. 

There are even tons of videoes on the internet where owners fake being sad and start crying and the dog comes up to them in a hurry and tries to comfort them. It is just so heartwarming to watch. 

They are also there to give you affection when you feel lonely. So yeah we have only just started talking about why dogs are great and I’m sure you are thinking of adopting one. 

  1. They heal us and make us feel better

Do you kiss your kids when they get hurt, or your loved ones when they are sad, that is because kissing them makes them release the hormone oxytocin. 

This hormone is the ‘feel happy’ hormone. This released when your dog kisses you also (or licks you). Even though your dog kissing you feels disgusting you still feel happy when they do it. 

  1. We sleep better 

If you are living a single life then sometimes sleeping can be seen as a hard task to do. Humans do not like to sleep alone at night and it is true. I have tried it myself. 

Even if it is hot outside, sleeping alone can be not only sad, sleepless but it also can be cold. it is the worst experience. 

What can handle the problem perfectly is a dog. Keeping your dog in your bed will give you comfort and ease your sleep.