It’s Better To Dream, To Sing And To Laugh Lonely, But Free.

It was the famous play of Cyrano De Bergerac that used to glorify the importance of dignity. When asked why he rejected making friends and why he had a crazy habit of making an enemy with everyone, he responded that he’d rather be alone, than with someone who doesn’t respect him. Ever since I have heard this beautiful quote, I have started to implement it into my life and I have seen some amazing results. And by amazing I don’t mean pleasant, well at least not pleasant at first, but in the long term I bet that I will thank myself for making such decisions.

I’ve decided to get out of my life certain people that were not there with good intentions since the beginning. My cousin is the first one that I want to talk about. He pretended to be my best friend for so long but totally ignored the fact that he would hurt me so much from time to time. Especially after he was involved in some criminal activity that made him rich, he could not put a hold to his arrogance and emotional abuse. So last month I decided to call it quits. While in the car with him as I was trying to transcript to English the same quote that I mentioned earlier, he raised the speakers volume to the maximum and started taunting me. I told him to pull over, got out of the car and haven’t spoken to him since.

You see it is much better to stay by yourself than to be involved with someone who will make you feel bad constantly while you are with them. And I have only started to realize that now. I nearly broke up with my girlfriend just because she would disrespect me to such an extent that I would start crying. She and I are still together and we even got married no longer than three days ago, but I am still very cautious about the way she treats me. If I see one atom of disrespect or abuse coming from her I am ready to split, because life is just too short to be dealing with this drama.

Love yourself more than you love others and never let them put you down or tell you what you are and what you are not. Only define yourself and if the people you are staying with right now have a problem with that, then distance yourself and stay alone. At least you will feel a lot better knowing that you are on your own and that no one is there to judge you or make you feel worse than you are already feeling. So dream, laugh and sing like Cyrano De Bergerac says, but only with those that truly appreciate you and if such people are nowhere to be found, then be satisfied with only yourself.